Blocking the noise and dust of the robotic system is a priority for RS

Blocking the noise and dust of the robotic system is a priority for RS

Industrial soundproofing solutions for machinery, plants and production processes are a very important aspect for the robotic systems of modern industry.

RS takes the finishing of its robot systems very seriously and, for this reason, we carefully choose our industrial soundproofing solutions. Increasingly there is talk of safety in companies and, fortunately, more and more often the quality of our production departments is improving.

A robotic island of Quality must present certain aspects of care.
The soundproofing and industrial dust collection solutions are part of them.

The well-being of our employees is hopefully becoming a priority for modern industry. It is no coincidence that, turning around in the grinding departments for a few years, there has been a significant evolution in this regard. Departments are increasingly delimiting work areas with soundproof booths. The cabinets allow to contain not only the noise, but also the sanding dust generated by the plant itself.

RS to offer more and more quality and safety of our robotic systems, thanks to its engineering engineering office, delivers its robotic systems already equipped with noise and dustproof safety cabins.

The panels are made of steel, powder coated and with laminated glass for high protection.
The cabins are designed for the fume extraction system.

The cabinets that we deliver with our robotic systems are designed to allow the correct operation of the machine to be acoustically isolated. Each solution is designed to shield any type of noisy industrial plant. The systems are made with raw materials of proven quality, installed by professional technicians and tested in full compliance with current regulations.

According to specific needs, the cabins can be completed with air or air conditioning systems, additional access security devices, alarm and signaling systems.

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