Deburring with automated tools

Deburring with automated tools

Why is it so important to prepare a “surgical” deburring?

The formation of burrs is due to the manufacturing process of the piece. But it can be solved.

The burrs make the piece produced by you imperfect.

However, the robotic plants of the industry 4.0 can make the pieces of your production achieve a perfection that is almost statistically unattainable. Here is where our plants are born: robotic systems customized by Robot Service, the result of experience and technological innovation, are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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There are burrs and burrs. Let’s get to know them together.

Deburring is not always the same on every piece. Burrs can be defined as an excess of material protruding from the surface of the piece of this product.
The burr can be detected on a linear profile. Or at the junction of two edges. Or again on a surface, and is characterized by two geometric parameters: height and width.
For this reason we tend to classify burrs in different ways.

Their classification depends on:

  • the geometric shape;
  • the processing that produced them;
  • the position relative to the workpiece.

What interests us for our work in Robot Service is:

  • understanding the type of burr that we can find on the pieces that we’re going to drool;
  • knowing the approximate position in which we expect the presence of such imperfections.

For this reason, we will consider the following classification by type of burr:

  • Side burrs;
  • Burrs turned over;
  • Tear burrs;
  • Out of control cutting burrs;

Currently, in most cases, this process is carried out by hand, with inevitable shortcomings in precision and greater costs in terms of labor.

Robot Service takes deburring to another level.

We create integrated systems designed specifically for the type of piece

Robot Service creates robotic islands for the deburring of castings. But it does not do this through fixed commercial tools, but rather by developing integrated systems designed specifically for the type of piece.

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