Grinding metals

Grinding metals with robotic systems.

Robotic automation to obtain the best result. And faster.

The grinding of metals consists in grinding the surface of the piece, whether it is obtained by melting, molding, pipe or bar. Therefore this processing takes place using abrasive belts of various grains, combined with contact wheels with measurements and appropriate hardness to the different geometries of the articles.

In this way a perfectly smooth surface will be obtained, then ready to pass to the next phase or that of polishing.

The robotic grinding has immediate advantages.

This process can take place both on manual machines with the precious contribution of highly specialized personnel, or automatically on robotic islands.

The grinding phase is one of the most important operations of metal working for mechanical workshops and consists precisely in the finishing of materials.

In this phase, the operator must use the maximum precision so as to obtain a uniform work surface and perfect to use for subsequent processing.

During grinding, the robotized islands through abrasive belts ensure that the metal reaches the desired roughness.

The robotized islands that we manufacture in ROBOT SERVICE are designed to meet the needs of each customer belonging to each sector production.

The robotic systems can always be adequately reprogrammed to amortize the business investment as much as possible.

Finish the metal finishing

After grinding, they can also be subjected to the brushing operation, so as to further enhance the qualities of the metal.

In any case, before any treatment, grinding is an indispensable and necessary operation. There are many other procedures that can be carried out through the robotized systems that we can make. If you want to deepen the topic you can continue:


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