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Robot Service is made up of two specific divisions, which conceive, design and build robotic islands with specific purposes. Our staff has been specifically trained to deal with both areas with the utmost professionalism and competence:




What do we do?

Robot Service designs and manufactures robotic systems for the modern industry 4.0 We specialize in particular in plants for: metal cleaning, metal deburring and grinding and innovative drawer feeding systems with integrated robot.



Discover our robotic systems dedicated to metal cleaning.


Discover our robotic systems dedicated to mechanical workshops.


Discover our robotic systems dedicated to metal finishing.

We worked for


Why choose a Robot Service plant?

Because Robot Service designs and manufactures internally every single detail to make the turnkey system unique.



Want to see some of our latest robots?





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point zero industry

Years of Experience

Artificial intelligence, robots and cobots are the core of Industry 4.0.



Optimizing productivity

With our robotic systems it is possible to substantially improve the productivity of your company.


Production quality

Our robotic systems are developed and customized to allow you to obtain final products of the highest quality.


Attention for your production

In addition to producing excellent quality systems, Robot Service studies the details of your production with extreme care in order to obtain the best result.

Benefits to the production cycle

Our mission is to enable you to achieve an improvement in the production cycle of your company.


Time and Money

Saving time in production translates into saving money and the possibility of new investments for your company.


Worker safety

Working with a robotic system also means substantially improving the safety of your work through systems and methodologies tested for success.


Thanks to the use of robotic systems, many accidents that can occur with manual work are avoided.


Efficiency and avant-garde

Our systems meet the needs of modern industry, developed with the use of efficient technologies.


More Quality and less Costs

Our vocation was born with the intention of making you obtain a significant business advantage: increase the quality of your products and reduce the costs to obtain it.

Nice to meet you.

L'azienda Robot Service

Robot Service is a growing reality but in which the Owner maintains full control in the pre, during and post order phases. This turns out to be a substantial advantage that is anything but trivial for the end user, since the obsessive care and supervision for a job well done translates into robotized systems of excellent workmanship. In other words, to the industrial dimension, we combine the attention of the family business that is proud of its avant-garde production. After meeting you and understanding the production objectives you have set for your company, we set up robotic finishing systems capable of achieving the precision of each piece.


Production cycle improvement



Il nostro team di professionisti

The more than twenty years of experience of the Owners represent enterprise, passion as well as intuition in the potential of a market that would have been able to give enormous satisfaction and growth opportunities to the then embryo of Robot Service and especially to its customers.

Precision of our robots: 100%
Willingness to collaborate: 100%
Punctuality: 100%
Post-purchase maintenance and services: 100%

Why should you choose Robot Service?



We will be your partner in the development of a quality final product. You can count on our know-how and our experience to optimize your company’s production as much as possible.

Customer care

Customer care

You will never feel left on your own. We will take constant care of your needs during the design and development of your system and even after its setup.

Ready for challenges

Ready for challenges

Our robotic systems are always one step ahead. We never sit down and never propose trivial solutions: we will always be able to surprise you with the right innovation for your production category.

Latest from us


Our news

In this section we tell you the news of our company and our world. The robotic systems sector is increasingly in demand by modern industry and is evolving very quickly. Our team is always very attentive to the news that it constantly monitors to guarantee our customers the most advanced systems. Here we share the hottest topics with you, including some noteworthy technicalities.

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Constant technological research is our creed, serving those who work every day is our mission. We want to get to build the best possible product.

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