Metal deburring

Metal deburring: a process that should not be underestimated.

Those involved in molding have the duty to take care of this important detail of their work that can make the piece they produce perfect.

The deburring process consists in removing the burrs, that is the part of material that appears in excess in the products obtained with molding or with mechanical or cutting processes.

But what is really used for deburring?

Deburring has therefore the main goal of making the piece obtained perfect, and is aimed at eliminating excess material along the contours and between the joints, makes the edges of the worked pieces linear.
Metal deburring is often a topic dealt with in conjunction with another related industrial process.

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Fundamental aspects of deburring

Knowing them in depth means starting to lay the foundations for designing robotic islands for efficient deburring.

The deburring process can be classified into:

  • Contact deburring
  • Tumble finishing
  • Abrasive sand blasting
  • TEM – Thermal Energy Method

Addressing every aspect with the utmost competence is the vocation of Robot Service. We study and experiment with innovative solutions to achieve the best possible deburring result.

A great challenge for us is to fully understand your needs. Only then, we can be able to provide the most suitable and effective solution for your business. This is why, every order is a precious opportunity to do well and to create a versatile robotized island that is able to best serve companies!

Contact deburring

Contact deburring is a robotized island that acts by contact and is equipped with abrasive belts or pneumatic tools to remove excess material. The islands designed horizontally, vertically or in a circle, can eliminate burrs from flat, cylindrical surfaces, but also square or oval sections. These islands are equipped with units, called moulders and tools. The latter are dedicated to the removal of burrs that are not accessible by abrasive belts. The robotic deburring islands have different characteristics based on the material to be treated and the type of surface they have to make perfect.

The tumbling

The tumbling involves cutting the pieces using a machine, the tumbler, which is conceived as a rotating drum.


The deburring by means of the sandblasting process takes place by subjecting the pieces to be finished to a high-pressure shotblasting jet.

TEM – Thermal Energy Method

The thermal deburring is the deburring process that can occur by the heat, in this case we talk about thermal deburring, an efficient and fast method that requires an ad hoc system that Robot Service is able to study specifically for your company. TEM process has considerable advantages compared to other methods. It is completed in less time and is able to handle a large number of pieces; moreover, it provides for their efficient cleaning, thus allowing the creation of truly perfect products. Robotic islands of this kind really allow companies to make a surprising change of gear.

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