Office chair bases made by robotic systems

Office chair bases made by robotic systems

Finishes for prestigious executive chairs

When the base becomes a work of art.

To realize the bases of executive and office chairs, particular finishes are often required, so as to make them aesthetically pleasing. According to the Product Managers’ designs, it may be necessary to carry out polishing, painting, chrome plating, etc. depending on the desired.

Normally these are treatments that are finalized after the most classic foundry work, a finish work obtained on the piece worked through abrasive belts of different types.

How the finishing treatments of the bases for office chairs take place?

Polishing, painting, chrome plating to obtain quality bases.

For the realization of the bases of the executive chairs – next to the foundry – is the mold closing deburring, that is the cleaning of burrs edges and fusion residues that are performed with important abrasive belts – 80/100.

Through this operation it is possible to remove all the burrs on the perimeter of the building. The most modern industry has begun to include robotic systems in its production sector that are able to automate and enhance a classic and quality Italian production method for the production of chair bases, which is particularly appreciated in the world. The conversion of the production department with an investment in terms of automated production is able to guarantee the company that initiates it immediate benefits:

  • precision
  • product uniformity
  • speeding up the process
  • saving energy resources
  • work optimization of the specialized technician in the company

The next phase to which the base is subjected is fine grinding, to achieve a desired surface roughness of 120/150 on the whole basement which can be 4 or 5 spokes.

This finishing method is particularly suitable for achieving maximum precision and for obtaining uniform surfaces without edges.

A fundamental aspect for obtaining the best compromise between the scouring unit and the contact wheels is the choice of the right robot and the company that produces it. With the experience gained in grinding basements for executive and office chairs, we are pleased to offer you the best industrial automation solutions through our RS robotised systems – implemented thanks to the know-how of our company’s DEBURRING DIVISION.

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