Robotized satin finishing

Robotized satin finishing

Metal satin finish: much more than a simple finishing method.

An effective and efficient finishing method.

Satin finish is one of the most requested types of finishing in the production and finishing of metals. Satin is a type of processing that is easier to obtain than polishing, as it makes the product on which it is applied less delicate. Furthermore, this processing covers any surface defects in materials and marks left by other processes.

Today, metal satin finishing can be achieved thanks to advanced robotic systems which, with the supervision of specialized workers, optimize the company’s resources.
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The satin finish is obtained with three-dimensional abrasives, such as bear-tex, scotch-brite or surface conditionning.
Metal satin finishing is a surface treatment that improves the aesthetics of the final product, but it also does much more.

Did you know, for example, that metal satin finishing is required by manufacturers of surgical instruments?

This finish has multiple applications. The satin finish gives the finished pieces the characteristic opaque appearance that is very elegant, but this type of work has not only purely aesthetic purposes. In fact, this finish is particularly required by manufacturers of surgical instruments.

The satin finish serves to make these surfaces opaque so that under the lights of an operating room they do not emit annoying reflections, but at the same time maintain an extremely low roughness and in order not to allow the possible nesting of bacteria in the furrows of the previous workings.

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The metal satin finish is portentous also for the processing of stainless steel sheets.

Multiple uses for the furnishing and construction sectors.

The satin-finish of the steel also represents one of the most widespread methods in the processing of stainless steel sheets, able to give the final component a modern and refined appearance, perfect for all types of coverings, which today is very fashionable especially in the furnishing sector and construction.

Satin finish and precise workmanship.

As if it were a work done by expert hands. Until a few years ago the difficulty was to find people able to do this. With the event of robots and new technologies, complex but easy-to-use robotic islands have been developed for satin finishing.

Robot Service’s robotic metal-polishing islands feature the best technological developments and are designed with the most cutting-edge methods, reinterpreted by the professionalism of the Robot Service work team, led by the extensive experience of Devis Zaninelli.

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