Robots and work in the industry 4.0

Robots and work in the industry 4.0

The estimates of Carl Benedikt Frey & Michael Osborne, in the study “Technology at work, the future of innovation and employment”, provide for the automation of about 47% of professions in the US in the coming decades, resulting in job losses. The Ocse studies are more optimistic, involving the loss of only 8-10% of jobs due to the rise of technology and automation, while seven out of ten workers will have to change the way they work. In any case, the most highly prized will be highly skilled workers, or in any case those who possess good digital-technological skills, unlike low-skilled workers, who will find temporary and unstable jobs.
An interesting article in the “Fatto Quotidiano” of September 20th reflected on the work and the robotics, from which we extracted the piece above.
The article you can read it all> HERE


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