RS Compensation System

RS Compensation System

If your production changes, RS always stays by your side!

An ideal business partner does not abandon you when the dynamics of production change.

All RS systems have grinding units with RS compensation system to offer the possibility of correctly adjusting the data relating to wheel failure according to the work needs.

With the compensation system the RS system can adapt in the best way to the pieces that are not equal to each other: when a force is impressed by the piece on the wheel, the wheel undergoes a given failure. This failure is possible through an electro-pneumatic system designed and customized for the machining of pieces that are not identical to each other.

Wheel failure is managed by an RS system with 5 pressure levels, controlled by the Robot according to work needs.

This system is applied on RS grinding plants. The grinding phase is one of the most important surface processes regarding the processing of stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

At this stage, the system must use the utmost precision in order to obtain a uniform work surface, ready to be used for subsequent processing.

With our compensation systems it is possible to obtain the same result starting from pieces that are not identical to each other.


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