Who we are

Customized robotic finishing systems to solve your business needs

After having met and understood the production objectives you have set for your company, we prepare robotic finishing systems capable of achieving the accuracy of each piece.

Robot Service is a growing reality but where the Property keeps full control in every phase. This is a substantial vantage, not trivial, for the costumer because the manic attention about details and the supervision for a well-done work lead to an excellent workmanship robotic system. In other words, we combine the attention of a family company proud of its product to an industrial scale.

The results are turnkey solutions that are thought to optimize client resources depending on the production objectives desired and the in-depth analysis of process dynamics those will be transferred like a precious and priceless know how for the costumer.

Robot Service employs staff highly qualified, extremely helpful and always on call, able to focus immediately potential vantages and improvement area in order to make finishing robotic system of the best quality.